Instructions to register another person as a CRHNet member

CRHNet registration consists of two parts:

  1. Creating a profile for the delegate,
    1. Contact information in the profile is used to provide the delegate with their membership registration receipt, their membership certificate, and to contact the delegate concerning CRHNet activities such as the Annual General Meeting, Symposium and member support services.
  2. Entering the payer's information in the on-line payment system.
    1. Payer information in the on-line payment system is for the financial transaction, including issue of a payment receipt. It is assumed for the instructions below that you are the payer.

To register for someone else:

  1. Use the person's existing CRHNet profile to log into the system, or if they do not have a CRHNet profile, create one for them.
    1. This requires that they share their profile password and login email address.
  2. Once logged in as the person, choose the registration tab of choice from the left-hand menu.
  3. Add the desired membership registration to the cart. For the list of options, from Student to Platinum Corporate, use the Benefits button.
  4. When done making selections, select "Pay now" on the cart page. This will take you to the on-line credit card system.
  5. Fill out your required information in the on-line payment system so you will receive the emailed payment receipt.
  6. Use the "Note to seller: Add" link that appears on the information review page to name the person you are registering (example: "registering for Jane Doe"). The "Note to seller: Add" tab appears directly under your contact information.
  7. Complete the payment.
    1. Share that payment receipt with the person you are paying for, as their temporary acknowledgement of registration. CRHNet will send a separate membership registration receipt and certificate to the member.
  8. Return to the membership registration page and log out
  9. You are done.